Nineveh-Junction Services

Nineveh Junction Digital offers a full line of services targeted at small business and organizations.

We can analyze your business needs, answering questions like:

  • Do you really need a web site?
  • What do you want to accomplish with your site?
  • What type of site is best suited for your needs?
  • What can be accomplished within your budget?

Once the basic questions have been answered, and you decide to build a site for your operation, Nineveh-Junction will design the site, help you select a suitable domain name (like for example), register the name for you, and arrange to have your web site professionally hosted, where it will be available for the world to visit.

In addition we can offer assistance creating printed materials, create business logos, and graphics, advise and assist with web site promotion, and can work with you to create compelling content for your web site.

We also do digital photography and photo editing, and can produce video for on-line (web site) or off-line (video tape) distribution.

About Web Hosting

The term "Web Host" refers to the computer on which your web site is stored. Although it's possible to do this on your own computer, there are many very good technical reasons not to do so.

In many cases your own internet service provider may offer space on their servers for you to host a web site. This service may even be included in your monthly access fee.

Unfortunately ISPs often place restrictions on the use of this space. This hosting may be limited to noncommercial use, you may not be able to use your own domain name, various technical features often needed to make a commercial page function may not be offered, and severe restrictions on space and bandwidth may be imposed. In some cases ads may even be placed on your page. Although useful for a personal web page, it's typically best to not use this space for a business web page.

Nineveh-Junction Digital will arrange to have your web site hosted on a professionally run web host that offers advantages such as fast access, service uptime guarantees, security, additional e-mail addresses, sufficient storage space and bandwidth, regular backups and site statistics.


Nineveh-Junction provides all services at a modest hourly rate. There are no extra charges or hidden costs.

Basic Internet service charges, like the cost of registering your domain name and web site hosting charges are billed directly to you or your organization. There is no markup for these basic services.

These basic service charges are typically quite modest. For a typical small business site it will cost less then $10.00 a month to host your site and register a domain name.

Anyone can afford to have a web site! The question is, can you afford not to?

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