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Before (left) and after (right)

Riegel Restoration restores, repairs and gently cleans historic gravestones following preservation ethics and standards. This includes the careful application of proper materials and the use of proven techniques. You can be sure all work performed by Riegel Restoration will be done properly.

Unfortunately it is very common for gravestones to be irreparably damaged by well meaning people who unknowingly use improper materials and techniques to repair or clean them. Improperly performed work will often leave a stone in a state where it will degrade and become unreadable over time and can never be repaired again in the future. In addition, some enthusiasts have been known to cause permanent damage to historic monuments while trying to read inscriptions.

Only trained experts such as Riegel Restoration, using proper tools, materials and methods, should perform restoration work on gravestones.

Adopt-a-Stone Program

A gravestones is a historical object that represents the life that someone once lived. It is the one object that people can visit to pay their respect to that person. Without a gravestone, it is hard to memorialize that individual and their contributions to society during their lifetime.

Historic gravestones also can be considered a form of art and can enrich our cemeteries and communities with visual enjoyment. Often times, over many years, historic gravestones require maintenance and restoration. They fall over, become buried, break into pieces, and become endangered or lost. Most of the time, there are no funds available for the restoration of these stones.

Riegel Restoration is offering an Adopt-A-Stone Program where anyone can make a monetary donation for the restoration of a historic gravestone that otherwise has no opportunity for restoration. This donation could be a one time donation, or it could be a monthly contribution. The amount of money to donate to the cause is up to the contributor. Every stone that is restored through this program will have a write up about the stone. This write up, along with photos will be posted on the Riegel Restoration facebook page for everyone to view.

All proceeds will go directly to the restoration of historic gravestones. The amount of money raised will determine the amount of stones we are able to restore.

If you would like to donate any money towards our Adopt-A-Stone program, you can click on the link below. Any donations are greatly appreciated!!

  • David Card - In Process
  • David Card - In Process
  • David Card - In Process
  • David Card - In Process
  • David Card - Done
  • Dr. George Washington Phillips Before and After
  • An example of an improper repair
  • Granite cleaning - Before (top) and after (below)
  • Kurt applies special mortar to repair a broken stone
  • Kurt applies special mortar to repair a broken stone
  • Repairing a broken stone - Setting the top piece on
  • Repair fallen tree damage
  • Picking moss out of letters
  • Sarah Martin Before & After
  • Rufus Dodge Before & After
  • Senoritta - Before
  • Senoritta - After
  • Stone as found
  • Stone Exposed
  • Stone Repaired and up

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