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Upcoming Workshops

Gravestone cleaning workshop at the Forsyth-Warren Cemetery
Forsyth-Warren Tavern
5182 Ridge Road,
Lockport, New York, 14094

June 4, 2022 at 12 p.m.

Past Workshops

Sash Restoration Workshop

These photos show Kurt Riegel conducting a window sash restoration workshop at the historic Andrew Mann Inn. The inn itself, built in 1787 as a stage coach stop along the Susquehanna Turnpike, is in the midst of the long process of being restored.

  • Some recommended books
  • Showing some of the basic tools needed
  • Kurt greets arriving participants
  • Kurt handed out this brochure he created to illustrate the basics
  • Kurt discusses the parts of a sash
  • Showing types of sash
  • Discussing the use of a heat gun to soften old glazing
  • Demonstrating the use of the heat gun with proper shielding of the glass
  • A participant practices the technique
  • Another particiant using a heat resistant tile to protect the glass
  • Everyone was given an opportiunity to practice
  • Kurt showing how to remove old paint
  • A participant tries his hand at paint stripping
  • Kurt discusses the handling of glass
  • Cleaning glass
  • Showing one type of tool that can be used to insert glazing points
  • A participant inserting glazing points
  • Kurt demonstrating glazing technique
  • Glazing in process
  • Cutting off excess glazing
  • Showing how it should look when done
  • A participant practicing glazing
  • Kurt discusses glass cutting techniques
  • The group of attendees

Kurt Riegel Conducting Gravestone Conservation Workshops

The careful application of proper materials and the use of proven techniques is vital when working on historic gravestones. Failing to use appropriate methods will result in permanent damage to these stones. Harsh chemicals such as bleach will set up a chemical reaction that will lead to the destruction of the stone material. All repairs must be done in a reversable, do no harm manner. If repairs are done improperly it will be impossible to properly fix stones when they are damaged in the future.

Riegel Restoration's gravestone conservation workshops are intended to educate volunteers and others interested in doing this work so they may do so without causing damage.

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