Nineveh-Junction Portfolio

Corbec Farm


Corbec Farm is located on a horse farm nestled in the hills of New York State's Southern Tier. Here the Dual Purpose Golden Retriever is still being bred. This is a dog that is at home whether hunting for game or competing at a Retriever Field Trial or Hunt test; competing in the Breed or Obedience ring, or participating in family activities.

Enchanted Gardens / Canoe Rental


Let Enchanted Gardens be your host as you canoe through the spectacular and historic Catskill Mountains and Susquehanna river basin of South Central New York State. Your excursion will take you through the homeland of the ancient Algonquins and the powerful Iroquois Nation. The islands south of Afton (once called Connahunta by the Native Americans) were used by the Indians for raising corn, and many artifacts of this long gone civilization have been found there and elsewhere along the river.

Enchanted Gardens / NY Wetlands

Enchanted Gardens has years of experience in renewing natural wetlands that have been lost or degraded, creating new wetlands, and producing new ecosystems.

Enchanted Gardens / Florist


Enchanted Gardens can take care of all your professional landscape design and construction needs. We stock hundreds of perennials, shrubs, trees, and vines. See our greenhouse filled with hanging baskets and annuals. We also offer a full line of beautiful fresh floral arrangements suitable for any occasion which may be purchased in the store or through our new on-line store.

Endless Mountains Mustard Co.


The Endless Mountains Mustard Company continues a tradition dating back thousands of years -- the creation of wonderful prepared mustards.

Water War Game


Water Wars is an interactive game and exciting competition that will be the SPLASH hit of your party or get together. It is a fun way to cool off under the hot, summer sun.

The object is to launch water balloons against your opponent. You take aim and fire.... The weapons are high quality latex balloons in a rainbow of colors. Will you or your opponent be the one drying off? This is the ultimate in water fun!

Lochs Maple


Many types of trees grow in Pennsylvania's vast forests, but the sweetest tree of all is the sugar maple. It's the sap from this tree that has been used for more then 20 years to make Loch's pure maple syrup and Loch's other maple products.

Coons Farm Crafts


Coon's Farm Crafts specializes in the creation of fine handmade soaps, soy based bath & body products and soy candles.

Sea Hag Soaps


Sea Hag Soaps & Art Mercantile combines the welcoming flavor of the countryside with the exquisite scents of over 30 different types of unique hand made soaps. Sea Hag Soaps has created a "recipe" of unsurpassed quality, satisfaction and pleasure. We exist to provide you with the utmost in personal pampering provided by our fragrant soaps and personal care.

Friends of the Susquehanna River Rail-Trail

Imagine a park where you could travel through miles of scenic rural settings on foot, on bicycle, on cross country skis, or perhaps on horseback without having to worry about the hazards and noise of motorized vehicles. It may sound like a dream, but communities across the U.S. have made dreams like this a reality by converting over 10,000 miles of abandoned railways into safe and attractive public trails.

Here in Broome County NY, just a short drive from Binghamton, there is an abandoned railway corridor which runs along the beautiful Susquehanna River from Nineveh, through Colesville and Windsor south to the Pennsylvania border a distance of approximately 15 miles. Passengers who traveled this route back in the days of steam locomotives were treated to lovely views of the river and the surrounding hills, forest, and farmland. The trains are gone, but the corridor remains, and with some work and foresight, it could be preserved and enjoyed by all as we move into the twenty-first century.

Pumpkin Pine Farm Bed & Breakfast


Pumpkin Pine Farm, a "salt box" style farm house, built sometime before 1840, sits on 23 acres with footage along the Susquehanna River.  The farm is named for the type of wood, "pumpkin pine", used in its construction.

The atmosphere at Pumpkin Pine Farm is relaxed and friendly.  The house is furnished with many interesting pieces including antiques, dried herbs, doll houses, quilts and more.

The Eleggant Egg


The Eleggant Egg specializes in carving genuine egg shells, turning them into beautiful and unique works of art.


The Quilted Crow specializes in supplying unusual and high quality materials to the quilting hobbiest.


The 810th AC&W Squadron page is is a personal site I did to memorialize the 810th Radar Squadron, a facility I served at during the 1960's. I'm hoping other folks who served there will enjoy the photos and stories they find on this site.

The 810th site served as my test a new Macintosh only web page layout tool called Sandvox by Karelia Software. If you are a Macintosh user and wish to create simple personal websites, I recommend checking this application out. It has a lot of potential.


This site is for the Shingle Shear, a great tool for folks who are in the roofing business.