810th AC&W Squadron

Dedicated to the 810th Radar Squadron and all the US Air Force Radar Sites of the Past

FPS-6 height radar from a 24 Tower window

fps-6 height radar

I did carry the camera behind the fenced in area a few times and this is one of the few shots I have from that area. This view of the 6 Tower was taken from one of the windows in the 24 Tower stairwell.

The building in the background, outside the fence, to the right was the carpenter and plumbing shop. The building inside the fence to the right of the 26 Tower was the Operations building.

This end of the Operations Building housed the massive Burroughs T2 computer system with its racks and racks of vacuum tubes and drum memory. We had two 40 ton AC systems in this building that primarily were used to cool that beast. If the AC went down you could start smelling burning circuitry in minutes. One of my most important jobs was to prevent this from happening.

When the computer was shut down for any reason, this area quickly became like a walk in meat cooler!

The control center with all the scopes was to the right of the computer. The Ops Building also housed the work shop for the 6 Tower radar and the Communications Center with all it's secret equipment.

The white duct on the ground leading to the 6 Tower was a cable trough.  All the power and communications wiring between the buildings inside the fence ran through these metal ducts which also served as the sidewalks inside the fence. 

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