810th AC&W Squadron

Dedicated to the 810th Radar Squadron and all the US Air Force Radar Sites of the Past

810th Radar Squadron - Photos

During my time at the 810th Radar Squadron I served as a sort of unofficial base photographer and managed to document a fair amount of day-to-day life. Fortunately these photos, mostly in the form of old Polaroids, have survived the years in storage in pretty decent condition. I recently scanned them and restored them as needed. This website is my attempt to show a slice of  life at the 810th as I experienced it.

Since my job involved general facilities maintenance, I managed to get into pretty much every area on the base, from the "Officers Club" (a tiny room behind the dispensary with a lot of liquor in it), to the communications center. The later was the one area that required a higher security clearance than I had. I had to make an appointment to go in so they could hide the stuff I wasn't supposed to see.

Of course I wasn't able to carry a camera into all these places, particularly behind the security fence, but I could describe the entire base in a fair amount of detail, and I can tell a few stories about  my years there.

I would love to be able to show some photos of those huge vacuum tubes in the old 24 Tower. The photo on the right is of one of the big rectifier tubes from the 24 tower that I still have in my collection. When in operation the filaments on these tubes would glow yellow and they would have a beautiful purple glow inside. There was a cabinet near the transmitter that contained a bank of these. The techs usually left the doors open on this cabinet so it looked quite impressive. I imagine we were all exposed to a lot of X-Ray radiation as well.

Although this web site shows only one Radar site, I assume we were fairly typical of many others across the country and around the world. Perhaps this will bring back some memories of those days.

John Kessler

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